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Student Forms

Student Forms

Forms and Documents

Forms and documents for students and applicants to use as they navigate their Metavision journey.

Some restricted documents may required you to login to the Moodle LMS "Sophia" for access.

Forms and Documents

Specialist Training Program


Graduate Diploma of Counselling


Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy


Academic and Administrative Procedures

Extension Request Form

Please submit up to 7 days before the due date

Special Consideration Form

For longer extensions or multiple extensions

IT Support Tickets

Helpdesk requests

Credit or Advanced Standing

Recognition of prior learning and experience

Grade Review

Request an assessment grade review

Formal Complaints and Appeals

Lodge a complaint or request a decision review


Withdraw from a unit or courses

Critical Incidents

Report a serious incident

Informal Feedback and Suggestions

Feedback and ideas for improvement

Student Handbook

Counselling Services Agreement

For use with clients

Recording Consent Form

Permission to record a client for audio/visual assignment submission

Placement & Supervision

Agreements and Consent Forms

Letter of Introduction

Introduce yourself to a potential host organistaion

Placement Proposal

Determining Host Organisation Suitability

Student Placement Log

Placement hours

Host / Supervisor Evaluation Form

Supervisor evaluation

Student Clinical Supervision Log

Supervision hours

Client Contact Log

Client hours

Counselling Services Agreement

For use with clients

Personal Therapy Hours Log

Students' personal therapy hours

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