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The Metavision Model

The Metavision Model

The Metavision Model

  • The Metavision Model is a way of healing that focuses on the complexity of the living human being in a process of becoming.

  • It has a clear structure, which supports exploration of complexity and depth in a forward movement.

  • The Metavision Model sees mind, body and emotions in constant interaction and mutual influence, both internally with each other, and externally with the environment.

  • Mind, body and emotions do not have separate causes and the symptoms do not have separate solutions.

  • Being aware of the communication between body sensations, feelings and thoughts, gives meaning and purpose to the unfolding life journey.

  • Symptoms of discomfort and disjunction are opportunities for awareness and engagement.

The Metavision Model

The more you experience what is going on in the mind, body and emotions with awareness, the closer you get to the essential patterns of your own nature, you become more congruent and greater flow and meaning become present in your life.

  • Intelligent laws support life to maintain a dynamic homeostatic equilibrium that is expressed both in the human being and in nature. This points to an Organising Principal that has had many names from all cultures throughout time.

  • These laws express themselves in multi-dimensional patterns from the infinitely subtle to the gross material. These patterns can be recognised, learnt and utilised for change and healing. Training in focus, awareness and self-awareness enhances perception of patterns and the potential for healing.

Intelligent Design

The role of the healer or facilitator in this model is to participate in, and hold a crucible, for the unfolding process of another, a group or event in a co-creative way. This space is infused with a drop of love. The process changes both facilitator and participant, and can be applied from organisational to individual situations.

Science is constantly evolving as is its understanding of the Universe and the mind. We have had centuries of a scientific paradigm where we were the detached ‘objective observer’ of the world and of the human condition. We have measured, separated out parts and drawn conclusions from these observations.

Now the New Sciences recognise that we are not detached observers but participants in, and influence what is observed. This is a core principal of the Metavision Paradigm where the observer effect is entangled with the process of observation. This means that the facilitator affects the experience of the participant, and the participant/s influences the facilitator’s observations and actions; i.e. that an Organizing Principal constellates both parties. This means that personal and professional development are intricately linked. As you develop your own awareness you also develop professionally.

Some names for the Organizing principal are God, the Old One (Einstein), the Dreaming (Australian indigenous peoples, Arnold Mindell) Universal consciousness, Spirit...


The Metavision Model is inspired by the inclusive psychology of Process Oriented Psychology (Arnold Mindell), the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner and the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. It is supported by the findings of the new Sciences of Neuropsychology, Biology and Quantum Physics.

Metavision, Metaskills and Process Mind

The Metavision Model is explained in greater detail, in a project written by Christina Nielsen for her Process Work Diploma here.

Nielsen, C. (2018). Metavision, Metaskills, and Process Mind: Integrating traditions for clinical practice.

Our Courses

Find out more about how the Metavision Model is applied to holistic counselling and psychotherapy in our range of courses, from short workshops to our flagship two-year PACFA accredited Masters degree.

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