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Why Holistic?

Why Holistic?

At Metavision we do not take the word Holistic lightly. It forms the foundation upon which our approach to Counseling and Psychotherapy is based. It is currently used in a wide range of situations from food to education. In Counselling it is often used to refer simply to a combination of different methods.

At Metavision a holistic lens of perception is introduced and cultivated from the very beginning of the course. To see the Human Being as a whole universe of intelligence, life, energy and matter changes the relationship we have to each other and ourselves.

As a microcosm of the macrocosm every single part of our body, our Soul and Spirit is intricately inter-connected not only to itself but also to the whole environment. Traditional Chinese medicine sees the human being through this lens to the point where imbalances and disharmonies are described in terms of the natural environment e.g. the function of the stomach can be too dry, too hot, or too damp. To address this the environment needs to be addressed and brought back into balance.

Science now recognizes that the way we think and feel dramatically impacts our physical body, and our physical body dramatically impacts the way we feel and think. Field theory of Quantum Physics throws a scientific light on this phenomenon as researchers found that their own consciousness, or the way they thought about the research, changed the results. Just think of the difference in the way you feel when someone criticizes you, or when you are admired for some aspect of your self.

Ancient civilizations and wisdom traditions have known for millennia that energy precedes matter, that the physical world is condensed or slowed down energy.

Just imagine what changes can occur if as a conscious human being we tap into energy and learnt to read the signals not only of our clients but of ourselves.

This is the foundation of the Metavision approach.

All pre-reductionist scientific methods of healing recognized and worked with some form of subtle energy. East Asian medicine called it Qi, Indian Aya Vedic Indian Medicine called it Prana, early Greek medicine Humors, indigenous Australians called it the Dreaming…. and so on.

Now with insight from Quantum Physics and the new sciences a major paradigm shift is occurring in our global consciousness. This new paradigm is desperately needed in the treatment of mental health issues today.

Our spiraling mental health needs and our environmental crisis cannot be separated. They both arise from a consciousness that separates and reduces the whole to its parts creating isolation, disconnection and exploitation.

In contrast to see through a Holistic lens where everything is interconnected and interdependent creates a profoundly different attitude, one of deep respect, compassion, awe and wonder. This in itself is healing.

Don’t you want to bring this to your clients?

Upon this foundation skills are then built to create a scaffolding to unfold the process present in your client that is striving towards healing, in these times and in yourself as all are interconnected. So while bringing healing and awareness you are also helping to usher in a new paradigm in a time of crisis.

This holistic foundation is offered with the attitude that the teacher’s task is to show students the door; the student’s task is to go through the door in their own unique way.

Christina Nielsen,

May 2021.


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