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What Is It Like To Study At Metavision?

What's it like to study holistic counselling and psychotherapy at Metavision?

Are you thinking of joining us in 2022 but have questions about what to expect?

Deanne Reyes, our Student Liaison, is a Metavision graduate and has been supporting students on their journey with Metavision for close to a decade. We asked her to answer some common questions from prospective students and to share some insights into what it’s like to study at Metavision.

Q: Where do your students come from? What kinds of experience or qualifications do they typically have?

Our students come from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds. They come from all over the country and sometimes from overseas. There’s a lot of diversity in terms of our students’ previous education, work, and life experience. We have courses that cater to everyone, whether they’re wanting to change careers and take the first step towards becoming a counsellor or are already working in the field and seeking professional development.

Q: What kind of support do you offer your students?

One of the benefits of being a smaller institution is that we get to know our students as individuals. You’re not just a number. We have systems and processes in place but we’re also flexible and aim to meet people where they are and provide them with the support they need. We embody the holistic approach; we do our best to walk our talk. At the same time, this is an adult learning environment, so we also encourage people to take responsibility for their learning and to reach out if they need help or support.

Our students are also required to have personal counselling sessions, it’s a component of our training courses. We’re doing deep work, and this can bring a lot of things to the surface, so it’s important to have that ongoing connection and support from a therapist as well.

We have an amazing community and there’s a lot of peer support, which is invaluable. The friendships and connections that are created through the course are a highlight for many people. Students often tell me they feel like they’ve come home. There’s a great sense of community and these connections often continue after graduation.

Q: What makes Metavision unique?

The journey to being a therapist is layered. We’re working at an academic level, but we’re also working experientially and there’s a spiritual dimension to our courses too – they’re quite transformative. Our students and graduates often say that the inner change they experience is very profound. People find they’re able to be with whatever is arising for them, they’re less reactive, they have better boundaries and a deeper sense of who they are. Many people who come to study with us are natural nurturers and a big part of their journey is learning to care for themselves as well. The inner change and the growth people experience when they study with us has a ripple effect that extends beyond their work as a therapist. They bring this new way of being into their personal relationships, their families, their workplace, and their community.

Q. What advice do you have for people who are nervous about studying?

Academic study can be really confronting for some people, and they may have had bad experiences in the past or educational trauma. Our focus is on supporting people to develop their skills and embody the work. This is about much more than getting a qualification. The academic component, such as writing assignments and learning theory is only one part of it. Everyone comes with their unique life experience and we really value that because we know that’s part of what shapes who you are as a person and as a therapist. A lot of our students have gone through their own therapy and healing journey, and they carry a lot of wisdom and insight, which is just as valuable as academic skills.

Q: How do I know if Metavision is right for me?

One thing many of our students have in common is they sense that studying with us is about more than getting a qualification and working as a therapist is much more than a job or a career, it’s a calling and a vocation. It’s one of the things I hear most often when talking to prospective students, they say they feel drawn to Metavision. So, if you’re wondering whether Metavision is right for you firstly I would say go within, ask yourself “do I feel called to this?” It’s important to do your inner work, meditate on the decision, see how it feels and what’s happening in your body. All our courses have an emphasis on inner work, so that will also give you a sense of whether this way of working resonates for you.

Another option is to enroll in our Foundational Counselling Skills course or our Holistic Counselling Skills Course. This is a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to study at Metavision. These are shorter courses that focus on embodying the principles of active listening, unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuineness. By putting these skills into practice, you can learn to communicate in a deeper, more authentic, and heartfelt way. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, these courses will enrich your life and improve your relationships. For those with no prior qualifications or experience in the field, this is the first step towards becoming a counsellor. Even if you don’t continue down the path of becoming a counsellor, you’ll be able to apply these skills to your everyday life. I’ve had people say their partner was so happy they did this course because they finally started listening. Sometimes therapists will recommend their clients do this course too, because they know how beneficial it is and how much it changes people

It’s also worthwhile to reach out and have a discussion with us. If you’re feeling like you’re drawn to the course but you’re on the fence, you can reach out and talk to the staff here. We’re very approachable and happy to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.


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