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Therapeia Ep 35: Metavision A Soul Calling

Podcast with Indigo Melrose

Therapeia - Ep 35

Metavision, a Soul Calling

Hosted by Indigo Melrose and co-hosted by Rose Harvey, the THERAPEÍA PODCAST is where we get to dive into the minds of therapists to engage in some MIND OPENING conversations.

Episode 35 focusses on the work of Metavision founder Christina Nielsen and her journey setting the institute and developing the training.

The Metavision Institute has grown out of the need to heal the effects of living the a fragmented world. Made starkly visible by the rapid rise in mental ill health statistics and lead her to found a training school for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.
The Metavision ethos is to see the human being through the lens of eco-spirituality, soul and body awareness and as part of a sacred universe - that hopes to heal despair depression, isolation and alienation.
Explore the deep mystery of life and how you too can notice the signals, follow the feedback and integrate both into your life's journey.

Listen to the podcast to hear the full story...

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