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Podcast: Christina Nielsen With Chris Skidmore

Podcast: On the Souls Terms

Christina Nielsen with Christ Skidmore

Episode 20

Our conversation weaves in the idea of the life-myth of the individual having a secret connection with the mythic themes of the times. We visit Christina's childhood memories with Bilbo Baggins the dog, as well as an early childhood dream, to see how the seed of Metavision was expressing itself from her very earliest moments on earth.

Christina is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience. She has extensively studied Chinese Medicine, Steiner's Spiritual Science and Arnold Mindell's Process Work. Her life and work display what's possible from a holistic perspective when it comes to the health of ourselves and our connection with our living planet.

An old teacher of mine once said to me, 'your message to the world is the life you live.' On reflection from our interview I was most moved by the living theme in Christina's life of the importance of combining cleverness with wisdom, and how the two are neither mutually exclusive nor intrinsically implied.


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