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Noula Diamantopoulos Captivates Us With ABC Series

We, at the Metavision Institute are very excited that our very own alumni, Noula Diamantopoulos has been working with the ABC on an amazing series highlighting Mental Health. This series will be helping many people by showing how to work with challenges through a Holistic lens.

Noula had this to say about the Metavision Institute

When  I decided to become a therapist I really didn’t know what the difference was between psychologist, psychotherapist, councilor, social worker etc.

What I did know was that the next academic training I undertook I wanted it to resonate with me. I already had almost two degrees under my belt where I had pursued business and law.

This time I didn’t want to do a degree because of the prestige but rather that it would be a meaningful pursuit that would give me understanding, insights and methodology to work with another's emotional/mental wounds.

My research took two years before I discovered  Metavision and I am glad I did as the foundational training that I received there under the magical tutelage of Christina Neilson and other specialist educators that she brought in, has stayed with me throughout my clinical practice.

My additional trainings in brain and somatic based approaches to healing found fertile ground in what I had been laid down with the unique Metavision training I received.

We are very proud and wish Noula all of the success in the world.


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