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Meet Our Students: Kirsten Maclean

Soon to be graduate of Metavsion, Kirsten of @cyclesofwoman Is a psychotherapist, coach and group facilitator, Kirsten holds a safe and sacred space for holistic healing. Fiercely compassionate and inclusive, Kirsten utilises deep listening and somatic awareness to facilitate her client's journeys to greater self-awareness and transformation.

Kirsten's work has a specific focus on supporting women and non-binary individuals through life's more challenging transitions, addressing the anxiety, grief and stress that can present during these times. Ritual, cycle awareness and nature connection play an important role in this work as Kirsten midwives her clients through the chaos and towards calm. Rewilding. Reconnecting. Reclaiming.

Kirsten draws on her training and experience in process oriented psychology, coaching, shamanic woman craft, nature therapy, and rites of passage facilitation. She is an accredited Youth Mental Health First Aider (YMHFA), a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA), and a director of the BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION for positive mental health.

Kirsten is available for sessions @houseofhealing in Blackheath or online.


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