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Meet Our Alumni: Alyona Kobevka And Alexandre Jodun

Alexandre and Alyona are holistic therapists and facilitators who offer experiential therapies for seekers, wounded healers, and sensitive individuals who are yearning to go deeper on their path of psychospiritual healing and development.

They support individuals who are outgrowing their old identities or are in the midst of a life transition, and are longing to become more intimate with their inner guiding wisdom and the fullness of who they are. At this crossroads of transformation, they guide individuals to reclaim their body as a home of wisdom, retrieve their personal power that has been lost due to trauma and abuse, and cultivate their internal capacities that are needed to embody their authentic, soul-rooted path.

Their approach bridges process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, with earth-based spirituality and animist perspectives - providing an integrative framework when working with the unfolding of the soul.

Here, they share with us a little about their experience of studying with Metavision and what they’ve been up to since graduating in 2020.

How would you describe your experience of studying with Metavision?

Illuminating, healing, and deeply transformative.

What was one of your biggest learnings?

Learning and practicing process-work was one of the most profound experiences of our training with Metavision. Not only as a method to use in our private practice but also applying it to our marriage and in our relationships has been pivotal.

What kind of work do you do now?

We work in private practice with adult individuals offering in-person, online, and nature-based holistic therapy sessions. Although we work separately in our practice, we run our business together and co-facilitate circles on the topic of processing grief & loss. We also co-host a video interview series called Ancestors In the Making, where we speak with healers and visionaries on the topics of ritual and ceremony, rites of passage and initiation, and mature adulthood and elderhood.

Does your work have a special interest or focus?

Spiritual emergence; Dream-exploration; Grief-work from a mythopoetic lens; Transformation through navigating difficult emotions and “the dark night of the soul”; the integration of ritual, ceremony, and nature-based practices into therapy; psychedelics and visionary plant medicines.

A favourite book?

The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief by Francis Weller.

A favourite quote?

“The first requirement of life involves growing up; but becoming a real “grown up” requires growing down, descending into the depths of the soul and deepening the understanding of life and one’s genuine place in it.” ~ Michael Meade


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