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About Metavision


Learn About Our Model
Learn About Our Model

Learn About
Our Model

Learn About Our Model
Learn About Our Model

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Our Founder

About Us

Our Vision

Evolving Consciousness through Holistic Education for the betterment of Humankind.

Our Mission

The Metavision Institute is dedicated to transdisciplinary holistic education that enhances human potential in the co-evolution of nature, culture and society in sustainable ways.

About Us

Our Place In The World

The Metavision Institute has grown out of the need to heal the effects of living in a fragmented world — made starkly visible in the rapidly rising statistics regarding mental ill health.

To start, we see the universe as sacred, with laws that govern and connect everything. To see the human being through the lens of eco-spirituality, soul and body awareness and as a part of a sacred universe helps to heal despair, depression, isolation and alienation. Empowering one's place in the scheme of things, giving purpose and meaning—even in the face of the most difficult situations.

The unique combination of skills that form the basis of the Professional Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy have arisen from many years of searching, studying and applying holistic approaches to these very issues by the Metavision Institute's founder Dr Christina Nielsen (Chinese Medicine), and other experienced educator/practitioners.

At Metavision we stand on the shoulders of inspirational pioneers and in a similar are forging new pathways for a rapidly changing world.

Our Place In The World

Why Metavision?


Holistic approach

Seeing the human being as a whole that is more than the sum of its parts is essential to psychotherapeutic healing.


Industry accreditation

Our courses are recognised within the counselling and psychotherapy industry, and our higher education courses lead to nationally recognised AQF qualifications.


Peer learning

Join a group of students who are dedicated to learning, as you form life-long personal and professional connections while developing your skills together.


Supportive environment

Benefit from our individualised and experiential approach to education. All staff place a high priority on providing a supporting, nurturing environment for all our students.


Experienced faculty

Learn from experts in the field, experienced practitioners and academics who will guide and inspire you on your learning journey.


Personal transformation

Our courses work to improve your personal awareness, confidence and communication skills while developing your counselling and psychotherapy skills.


Alumni network

Join an international network of professionals working in counselling, psychotherapy, facilitation, coaching and more.

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